Grid gaps still showing

Hi there, I’m trying to achieve this design using grid. I’ve set the grid gaps to 0 but it still showing gaps between the columns and rows. Anyone knows what’s going on??



Thanks a lot!

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Hi @MarlonCandido

Your images in the grid have slight borders on them. Go back in your photo editor and remove the edges before export. I had this happen a couple of times, especially with SVG’s. Make sure you take the photo all the way to the edges before you set the export crop. To see this, go to that image in the assets panel and click the download arrow in the right hand corner. Removing this will fix it :slight_smile:

Oh by the way, when using Grid, you should put Divs in the block, then add the content. Without the Div, you’ll have challenge moving or scaling objects.


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Hi Gary, you’re a life saver!
I hadn’t noticed that, thank you so much for the help!!!
Also, thanks a lot for the tip!!!

Not a problem, glad to help. See ya later!