Grid for External CMS Configuration Help?

I want to use grids in my website. i made a site with 3 columns and 3 rows. the content come from our content-management-system. when i want to add new content over our cms the position is not correct because in the webflow code you use id´s. How i can solve the problem. These id´s make fixe positions. For example:
img src=“href=“” srcset=“href=“ 500w, href=“ 770w” sizes=”(max-width: 479px) 90vw, (max-width: 767px) 100px, (max-width: 991px) 130px, 180px” id=“w-node-9097c3c9e231-1968c79d” alt=”" class=“events-logo”>

22. - 25. Februar 2019

Inhorgenta München

Halle C1, Gang E, Stand Nr. 533

This is my site:

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Hi @Bettina_Lucas,

I am reviewing your site project now. You say you use your own CMS to import data into the site? However I do not see any related code for such import?

Also, as for the IDs, yes Webflow creates IDs for each item that is created within it. However it is not fixed unless you specify a fixed width/height. What you are seeing is the built in responsive image formatter. The sizes have to do with the screen breakpoints and are there for reference only.

The only 3 col grid I see is under the exhibition page. You have set a defined width to the images.


When you use the Webflow CMS system you will have better control of the layout, flow and design. Also, I would recommend using Auto placement instead of Manual where you can. Overall much more structurally sound going that route.

Please lmk with any other questions.

Happy Designing,

Hi Brandon,

  what you see is only the static website in webflow. we take the

export code and use this for our own server and cms. our problem
is, that in the static website on the site “Messetermine” we have
4 rows with 4 events. and when our client want to add a new event
on this site we need a fifth row and so on. but with the id´s it
is not possible to add the row on the right position? You
understand what i mean?

Greetings from germany


Hi @Bettina_Lucas! Thanks for writing in. I’m not 100% positive I understand your problem, but are you trying to add the new row at the bottom of the grid or in between existing rows?

If you’re trying to add a row in between existing rows, you will have to manually move all of those items down. You can also convert all of those items to auto. That way, when you drag in new content, it will auto-push the existing content out of the way. You can read more about this behavior here.