Grid does not change at breakpoints

Hi everyone

Really struggling to figure out why my grid is not allowing me to remove columns at mobile breakpoints. I remove the column but it remains the same. No responsiveness at all. I’ve shared the read only link below, the problem I’m having is on the Roadmap page of the build.
Desperately need help if someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Hi, Chris!

Your grid isn’t turning responsive because the last cell is set to span across three columns. So, even if you set the grid to one or two columns, it will auto-generate up to 3. To solve this, go ahead and edit the grid down to however many columns at once. In this example, I’m on the tablet breakpoint and have deleted all except one column.


After that, click ‘done’ to exit the editing mode.

Head down to the last cell and select it, and click-drag the bottom-right corner to resize it back down to the number of columns you’re expecting. (3)

Hope this helps!

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