Grid distribution for mobile display

Hi there!

I’m facing an issue with Grids. I used a grid to design a 3x2 layout (each column has a pictogram and a text above).

But when I switch to mobile display, the grid isn’t stacking by 2 (image + text, then image + text, etc.), but stacking 3 images and then 3 texts. If I change the order on mobile version, it changes on the desktop version also.

I’m searching for a way to choose the distrubution of the grid in mobile version, or to choose the order of stacking. I tried to use areas but doesn’t change anything. I didn’t find any answer about this issue :disappointed_relieved:.

It would be a great help if someone knows how to do so ! Sorry for my vocabulary, our designer left us and I have to manage the website without any skills :sweat_smile:

Thanks ! :pray:

Here is my site Read-Only:
(Webflow - Tchek)

HI @Baptiste_Barloy your project have large amount of pages and each contain several grids. Please follow basic guideline and be more specific what page what component etc. This will save time of forum members who would like to help. :wink:

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