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Grid columns collapsing RTL on mobile views

Dear WEBFLOW team,
There seems to be an error grid in RTL websites mode like Hebrew and Arabic.
When you switch to the smaller screen resolution at the point where the elements getting on top of each other (stacked ) - the elements are supposed to order by this order:
The right side of the row will be the first one at the top, and the left element will be the last one. Right now it upside down (as in English).
Please fix this !

Hi @poker, thanks for the post. Webflow supports RTL for text, but the grid we use is not setup to collapse RTL, only LTR. At the moment, you will need to use some design tricks to get content to responsively alternate from RTL.

Check out our demo kit site:

Page: Responsive Alternating Content

I have changed this topic to a Wishlist item, as this is a feature we need to build into the system :slight_smile:

We will be looking to update how columns collapse in RTL mode in a future update when we add more internationalization options. Cheers, Dave

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