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Grid / Collection List Wrapper Issue at Mobile Breakpoints

Hello to the Webflow community!

I have a Collection List Wrapper that behaves as I would expect at the Desktop and Tablet breakpoints (four columns). However, it’s at both Mobile breakpoints I run into problems. In an attempt to create two columns, I changed the display from “Block” to “Grid”. Now, the first slot of the grid is empty. I read a couple of other forum posts, including one where @johnramos helps by suggesting that the user de-select the “left float” property. In my case this is already de-selected. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Either by helping me fix the issue with the grid, or by suggesting another method to accomplish the desired layout?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

I want to add that when prompted to “Clear Layout Settings,” this does fix the issue at both mobile breakpoints… but it creates new issues on Desktop and Tablet. What am I missing?

Changed the Collection List Settings layout to “Full Width” at all breakpoints and made sure grid was selected at all 8 iterations of the wrapper. Problem solved.

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When the person that asks the question figures it out an dthen explains it…
Thanks my dude.