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Grid Bug With RTL

Image will explain

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@Hamzah_Al_Ghamdi I can’t seem to access your read-only link. Can you repost?

Try My project. Same issue.

Hi @shokoaviv I think I figured out the issue. It looks like your body has the style property Direction changed to right-to-left


With this style property applied, it switched the column numbering as well, making the first column the one on the very right. Unfortunately the mask (the red outline), was not programmed to take into account this style property. I’ve written up a bug report for this. Thank you for reporting it in.

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Thanks for your help.

The Body direction set to RTL and that’s what cause the problem. If I’m changing to LTR it is working perfect, and I think it is A bug.

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