Grid breaks at large screen sizes

Hi I’m getting close to finishing the site but the grids break at larger sizes. Can any one help?

Cheers Paul

Hey @Paul_Lyngby_Trow can you please send a Read Only Link of your site so that we can further assist you?

Thank you,

Waldo :smile:

Add a class to your section and give it a max-width

Sorry here its is…

Hi Mention 79

i’ve tried that but is still breaks. He is the demo

Cheers Paul

You haven’t set the max-width of your section class in the preview you gave. It works if you do.

Or alternatively, you can also get it to work by adding the class name w-section and then setting the max-width to something like 1650px, although the size can be whatever you want it to be as long as it’s not greater than the total actual size of the two images and the grid gutters. This will then limit the max width on all sections as it’s part of the webflow.css

Thanks this is great! Thanks or the info

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