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Grey pic showing before actual picture loads

Hi I have 2 queries,

Hi there seems to be an issue with the designer Webflow designer where all my pics in the website are loading a blank grey sheet first and then the actual picture arrives. I have attached pictures fro you to better understand. The first attachment shows the grey thing that loads first and the second attachment shows the actual picture that arrives after the grey goes away. You can also see this happening live when you go to the project URL. (NOTE : this only happens when you first load the website. To see that again you’ll have to hit preview again. Pls let me know how to fox this ASAP as this is very urgent.

In the footer of my website the phone number is coloured grey but when I open the website on a mobile device it shows up in black colour. I don’t know why the Webflow designer is doing that. Can you please fix this or tell me how to.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK