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Greetings, Help with Changing All Class Instances to a Different Class

Hello, first post. I’m sorry if this is common knowledge, but I’m a little stuck. What I would like to do is be able to select all instances of a certain class, and then change those instances to a different class.

ex) Let’s say I have an H2 Header class called “H2 Class”. I have fifty “H2 Class” instances in my project. Now, I make a new H2 Header class called “Different H2 Class”. I’d like to change all of my “H2 Class” instances to “Different H2 Class” instances. I could manually go through each of the fifty and change them. But is there a way to simply select them all at once and change them to the different class all at once?

Hello @learis

If you click in the class you’ll get a menu to change the name of the class

When you change the name of a class all the elements with that class change the class automatically so you don’t need to select and change all of them.


Yes, but I would like to change all instances of the current class to a different already existing class, not just rename the current class.

Unfortunately you can’t multi-select different elements to give them the same class.

Not possible. Please use the wishlist.

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