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I’ve recently started learning Webflow. I created my last website seven years ago using Joomla, coding a custom template using PHP, JavaScript libraries, and CSS. Responsive design was in its infancy at the time, so I stuck with a fixed-width approach. The website has served me well, and to be fair still looks okay considering its age. We’re now being penalised by Google, so it’s time for a reboot. Web design has evolved a lot in the intervening years.

I have a specific problem which I’m trying to overcome. The hero section of the website below includes an absolute-positioned mission statement block. When I resize the desktop view to something very narrow, the text wraps around to the point that the mission statement block extends past the bottom edge of the containing hero section.

I’ve attempted playing with min width settings and vw settings for the text size. The latter kind of works, but the text ends being too small when the desktop view is set to its narrowest. Hopefully this makes sense.

Any assistance greatly appreciated!


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Hey @Technomorph

Welcome to the family :webflow_heart:

I think you need to play with the height of the .hero-mission div.

Welcome to the forum @Technomorph. If that doesn’t work, feel free to open a separate topic in a better forum category. That way, you’ll get more people looking :slight_smile: .

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Thanks. I solved the problem by applying a fixed width to the element. I suspect this may cause other issues down the line, but I’ll wait and see. Just experimenting for the time being.

After a long period of not working with web technologies, I’m getting up to speed with new CSS functionality (for me) like Flexbox and CSS Grid. I’ve been trying to find the balance between the intended design and what’s practical from a responsive layout point of view.

Liking Webflow so far. Love the interactions and design-focused approach. Definitely speeds up workflow.


Happy you found a solution. You know that in the web world there’s a lot of roads you can take :smile: If you need some help just reach out!