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Green Webhosting Webflow?

I think every website hosted by Webflow has the problem that their CO2 emissions are very high. Especially now, in times when customers or companies pay more attention to whether a service provider is committed, for example, in terms of climate protection or social commitment, this point is not an unimportant one.

Webflow hosts via amazon, among others. And if you check the amazon website, you have to wonder why it is rated as dirty, although the company is “apparently” committed to climate protection. But does “green hosting” also take place here? Apple, for example, is in a good green space.

I would like to hear more from Webflow itself about how we are going green with our site hosted at Webflow, as we are also already participating in a climate activity and would like to gradually become CO2 neutral with our service as well. It can’t be that our website is considered “dirty” in the process. Sorry.

What is your opinion?