Gray lines around image edges, addit. gray placeholder image when loading?

Hi, I’m having two problems I cannot solve for the life of me.

Problem 1) I am getting gray lines around the edges of certain images on the published site (not in the designer or preview), so far I’m only seeing this in mobile. (see attached images)

I have optimized image compression and already tried exporting as png, jpg, and progressive jpg, none of which have any effect, seems to be a webflow problem?

I referenced this article:

The images are image elements set to image cover, width and height 100%, I’ve never had problems with this on my personal site, only on this one…?

Problem 2)

When my images are loading throughout the site I get a gray preloader image svg that says background image (there is no background image, only image element). My images are pretty well compressed so this I’m only finding this a problem on mobile occasionally, but when I see the gray background image svg for a split second first, it looks really bad. Is there a way to disable this preloader?

(screen capture attached illustrating behavior)

Here is the live link:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - WE ALL RISE
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You need to remove the background image on the classes where you’re seeing the preloader image.

I think this issue is tied to the background image set on the Image-Cover class above as the mobile breakpoint is the only one that has this background image loading on this class.

Yup that’s it!!! thank you very much. I missed that in my scouring.