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Gray area appearing on left side of site

Hi all,

I’m following Webflow University’s The Freelancer’s Journey and a gray area is appearing on the left side of the site. I’m not sure how it got there and it’s present whether I’m in the Designer or looking at the site Preview.

In the Designer, I can drag to make the space bigger and when I do it says “Default Portrait - Affects all resolutions” as if I’m designing for a mobile device, but I’ve only created the desktop homepage so far.

I’m new to this so sorry if I’ve missed something simple. I’ve attached some pictures and the site’s read-only link.

Here is my site Read-Only: Freelancer’s Journey Link

You are looking at the canvas and the responsive breakpoint area. See ->

Hi @webdev - I understand why the canvas would appear when looking at smaller breakpoints, but why would the canvas be visible when designing and previewing the desktop site if the desktop breakpoint is set at the default 992px? Is this normal?

Yes since the breakpoint is > 991px.

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