Graphic elements in Typo

Hi Guys,
I need to implement some graphic elements in my text, like in

Could someone help me with library o tuts about it?


I have no library o tuts, but maybe you could you absolute or relative positioning with a lower z-index than the text? You have to be careful about the text wrapping to new lines, but if you shrink the browser size on multiverse you see that the text wrapping largely stays the same.

I know this isn’t a tutorial but hopefully its a starting point!

Let me know!

Hii thanks for the answer.
You’re right and i imagine to use positions, mbut i’d like tu chanche size and position based on text. I’d like to have a dynamic positioning based on text typed.

I think that Multiverse had create a custom Js library to have this result. If you play with Inspector, changing the text, layout changes. Sooo i’m will try… but i continue to search a library

Sounds like a plan, Luca! Hope you fin what youre looking for!