Graphic Design portfolio rework from WIX

Hello :slight_smile:

My name is Lukas and I am creating my final portfolio (graphic design)
and have about 3 weeks left. I have currently been on the website editor WIX for a long time, however, I have reached the limits of my possibilities and partly WIX does not offer what I actually want.

At the moment I’m trying to create strips like this example

My current portfolio on WIX can be found here:

What I want to do nomy current portfolio on WIXw is to rebuild the whole portfolio from WIX to Webflow. I have all the data and the whole design is already planned, now only the knowledge of Webflow is missing.

The reason for the change was mainly the weak Responsive Website compatibility, limitations of mouse-over effects and when it comes to the filter one had no design options.

What is the best way to make the stripes (teaser page) and the headline with a clickable filter? Where do I find the mouse-over boxes? A general explanation of how to proceed for this case would be great and where I can find the elements.
Thanks for the help


Those stripes are link boxes in Webflow. They are entirely clickable

And the text that appears when you hover on them is simply a mouse hover setting (you can do it on the Webflow designer page itself by setting the opacity of the text to 0 on default, changing to the hover setting, and making it to full opacity)

I’m not sure if you understood me. Start learning the basics from Webflow Uni.

If you need any kind of help, feel free to reach out

Best of luck :slight_smile: