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Graph Image no longer working

Graph images seem to have stopped working. I can still see then on old posts os twitter and other sites but these are cached.

Checking the links on

gives me the following error

ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address.
WARN: this card is redirected to

On linkedin’s inspector I get the following: Unable to connect to server. Bad DNS, bad gateway, or invalid server address.

No idea why there are two “www”'s that would probably be the problem I imagine.

Is there a support email for Webflow? This is urgent. :frowning:

Here is a document that will help you troubleshoot your DNS settings.

Thank you.

It does say there is an issue but its asking me to add a CNAME record that already in the records. Nothing has changed as far as I can see, so not sure why it’s failing.

Have you set your www domain to default?

That was the original default. But I changed it to without the www to see if that fixed it, but sadly still not working.

Possibly related to this, I had some reports from a user in Canada saying they couldn’t access my site.

I checked on uptrends and the availability is very sketchy.

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