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Gradient in IE 9 doesn't work

My webflow-generated site has a gradient in the hero that doesn’t show up in IE 9. Is there a work-around?

To reproduce issue, use:

  1. select browser: IE 10, site: It looks correct.
  2. select browser: IE 9. The gradient is missing.

The problem is IE9 doesn’t support CSS gradients. We will be working on adding ms-filters for IE9 and below to support linear gradients.

In general I would always set a background fill color so that older browsers that don’t support gradients will have something there.

Is there any news on this update? I have a gradient in the header and footer in my Webflow site and the background is not showing in IE9 (Win7). I did notice that the Webflow website seems ok in IE9 (gradient wise) - what could be different? Is a background image used instead?

I also tried this in IE7 and IE8 and the navigation is all over the place.