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Got space between sections in publish mode that is not visible in the designer mode

Hi Webflow,

I got a small bug on a new site i’m developing. Between two sections there is some space that is visible on my published site but not the design mode. Between the second (tour) and third (album) section there is some space without a border that should not be there. I also don’t see it in my designer modus.

Can you help me out.

It’s about this site:
This is the preview link:

Hello, @martijnrunia

This gap between 2 sections happens because of interaction that you have applied to the section “tour”. When this section scrolls into the screen view it moves up on 100px, which create this gap.


Thanks for the quick reply @sabanna . That fixed the issue.

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You are welcome. Glad we found the reason :slight_smile:

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