GoogleMaps API with large number of Markers

I’ve been investigating ways to build a map with 3000+ markers of which the user can filter between 2 or 3 categories. Does anyone have some ideas on how I can achieve this within Webflow?

Hi @chrisl
You would not be able to do this using Webflow’s map component as it can only show one address. You will have to do this with custom code. Google has plenty of documentation to explain how to place pins on a map.

Hi @Smith-Cordell

I figured so, I did some digging around, and I’m not sure I quite understand.

I’m looking to embed a map with 3000+ locations, I’m assuming this can cause a lot of issues loading the map or just overall performance…I would end up exporting this site to be hosted elsewhere though. Do you think I would be able to hook it up to a small database or something? I’m not really sure.

Hi @chrisl

I’m using custom code on this site to display a map with multiple markers and icons. You can inspect the code and get the gist of setting it up.

As for managing locations with an external database, you’d have to save them as a variable and call on them into the code somehow.

Probably worth having a look on StackOverflow for help with this as it’s very much a custom code problem.

Thanks @Smith-Cordell, appreciate your help!

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