Google Universal Analytics

Hi, The google analytics site says:

“100% of Google Analytics properties have been transferred to Universal Analytics, and all new properties will be Universal Analytics properties.”

Does that mean that I can (and that webflow should just automatically), treat the existing classic id as a universal one?

Do I just move that ID now over to the Universal input box within the Integrations Panel for my site?


I just went back to the Integrations section within Webflow to revert my change over to Universal (because my custom link tracking in GA is now not working for some reason - maybe I need to update my GA custom tracking code for the newer API.?) but was surprised to see that the option for Classic vs Universal is now gone. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of not being able to go back to the old way.

I cannot afford down time with the tracking. If the old GA truly is now 100% unsupported, there is still google documentation on their site saying otherwise…

Hi, do you mean you can’t find the option of log in with google?
Because I also face this problem…
How should I solve it?


Developer migration center  |  Google Developers



This blog post may answer a few more questions:

Thanks for that I saw that too.

I’m still curious if there was an exact date that Google turned the old tracking off. Or if they really did already. I saw Google auto converted my analytics account to Universal (So I didn’t have to do anything outlined on any of those sites, on the Google side), but I’d like to know with some certainty if there was any period that my site on webflow, was not pushing correct tracking code because of that.

That’s why it seems to me that Webflow should just now assume everyone is Universal now (and automatically inject the correct Google support code). Could save people some down time.

Anyway I’m fine now. Just saying… just wondering…

I think they did it already. It was announced a while ago.