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Google translator has translated English pages in one of my websites O_O!

Hi there,

I am very disappointed whit what has happened with one of my projects in Webflow.

I have a Spanish website with some sites in English and I realized today that they have been translated into Spanish!

  1. How could it be this?

  2. How can I recover my English text?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi Veronica. It’s unlikely that Google can alter your website… it can try to translate it for people who visit it, but not modify your work.

What are the urls of your sites?

Hi Vincent,

No, no, it happened!

I am totally aware of the fact that sounds very strange, but when I entered to my webflow account today, suddenly I noticed several things:

  • the annoying square pop-up of Google asking me all the time if I wanted to translated the text --> this never ever happened before when I was using Webflow

  • “Home” page name, at the pages menu (left) it was translated to “Casa” --> it never ever happened again, and it is like some estrange translation have been going on “inside” the account of my Webflow

  • Another name page called “We are hiring” was translated to “Estamos contratando”, and the inside text of this page, as well as 2 more, is completely translated in Spanish, with errors of course, because Google translator is not perfect (which is another proof that it has been a google trasnlation).

I know it sounds not possible. I am also freaking out. Could it be a bug?

Is there any Webflow assistance around here in this forum to answer?


hmm so google translate will popup while you are in the designer, translate the text and webflow would save the translated text?

@cyberdave isn’t this an interesting horror scenario?

Veronica, would you share your public link with me?

Learn how to do it here:

Hi Vincent, @cyberdave,

Let’s see…

Re to the translation annoying pop-up: I can’t ensure that I did not click in translate, because as I said the pop-up was showed like 50 times while I was editing. But I can confirm that I was not in the English page that was translated to Spanish.

This is the link of my website:

Go to “We are hiring” page and to “Graphic Designer with front-end background” and you will see that they are in Spanish.

Additionally, please go to and to see that I am not fool.

Indeed, this is an horror escenario. Imagine that I had a complete website with 20 pages in English and it happens to me that suddenly it is all translated to Spanish without my permission O_O!!!

My developer colleague is telling me that it is probably a bug related to cookies webflow problem. She says also that Chrome did an update yesterday, and this might be the cause because I shouted down my computer yesterday night and the problem appeared this morning. So, it looks like a Webflow bug!



Ok, to begin with nobody is a fool (:

I see that your site is indeed in Spanish.

This is kind of an aggressive behavior from Google Translate (I hate this thing), I don’t know what Webflow does to prevent thoses services to pop up and why it didn’t work for you.

Can you go to your dashboard and try to revert the site to an older version before it was accidentally translated? Is that possible? Will you be losing a lot of work?

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