Google Tag Manager Verification Issue

Hello guys i hope you are all safe and well.

I am having trouble with Google Tag Manager.
I followed the steps on the youtube video below:

Unfortunately when i try to verify the google tag manager from the google search console it says verification unsuccessful. any ideas?

This is my website:

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Stelios K

When I check the site I get this;
HTTP response code indicates tag failed to fire: Status 404. This could be due to an empty or un-published container
Did you published the container in GTM?

As @HGWeb said, make sure you publish your changes in GTM. Click the blue “Submit” button in the top right and complete the form.

Also check that your site on Webflow has been published too!

Hi guys,

I hope you are safe and well.
Thank you for your prompt replies. I checked all of the above and i still get the error message. Any other recommendations? i know this is something simple but i cant understand why it doesnt very the GTM from the Google search console.

Open to any suggestions.

Many thanks.

Did you get it to work? I checked your website and no longer see any errors.

Hi guys apologies for the late reply.
Unfortunately it still doesnt work… and even try removing all the code and re paste it all again and its not working. any other suggestions?

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Sure, can you share a read only link?

hi @sarwech and thank you for your prompt reply.
I hope you are safe and well.
Please see read only link below:

Many thanks.

Thanks and hope you are staying safe too.

Try removing this first snippet that is in your HTML Embed:

Could you also check the Custom Code section of your site’s Settings page and ensure you have the right GTM snippet as well as no conflicting code? It should look like this:


Once the gtag is correctly embedded embedded on your site, you can include all other snippets into Google Tag Manager directly rather than in HTML embeds/custom code (like the Google Ads one).

Dear Sarwech,

Good morning and thank you for your email.
Is the line in the blue circle the one you suggesting of removing? please see a screenshot of how the embed code looks like in my homepage. Apologies im new to webflow.

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Hi Stelios, yes, in the HTML Embed, you only need the code that starts from line 11 and goes onto line 14. You can remove the rest and if you want to configure Google Ads (which is what the code looks like it is for) then I believe you can do this directly in GTM.

Also, check that the Custom Code section (circled tab in the image below) in your Project Settings is correct:

Hi Stelios!

Did you fix the error? In order to verify the Google Search Console with Google Tag manager, the GTM code needs to appear in the head and the noscript version needs to appear right after the opening body tag.

If any of these conditions are not met then you will not be able to verify Search Console with Google Tag Manager.