Google Tag Manager HTML Embed Red Error?

I’m trying to set up an analytics pixel on my pages and seemed to follow all the instructions, however a couple of lines are showing a red error on the tag I placed on the component. Any ideas how to resolve this? I placed the script over on site settings and body on the component. Thanks in advance!

Site Settings

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 17.11.57

Your HTML embed code is missing a value. Double check your installation.

hello there, thanks - there’s actually a value but I covered it in black - is it that value that you were mentioning?

Maybe, it’s hard to tell, the syntax of your code isn’t readable with your redaction, but clearly Webflow thinks something is malformed. Note also that normally you’d put that code in your site-wide Footer code, not in a page-level HTML embed.

@kazarareta - I did not see your redacted value when I quickly inspected your image previously.

First: Webflow’s implementation of syntax checking is frequently wrong and I have had that happen to me on more than one occasion when the code was correct. I don’t recommend relying on it as authoritative versus more capable syntax checking tools but is is nice to have to potentially spot quick errors. There are plenty of code editors that are more reliable. Anytime you use custom code on a project you should immediately double check it on publish in your browser for problems. If there is an error you want to know as fast as you can so you can update/undo/replace it as necessary.

As for placement of this specific tag, Google recommends this be placed immediately after the <body> tag in your HTML output. Since Webflow does not allow you to do that, the next closest thing is as high up in the Dom as you can place it using an embed.

Hi. Were you able to get this resolved by any chance? It seems like I got the codes installed correctly, but Google Tag Manager is saying there’s no Tag created. So I don’t even know what to do.