Google Tag Manager Does not send date to Google Analytics

My self Brianna…

I have a ecommerce website and i have stared ecommerce tracking for my website… After implemented all things like enable ecommerce steup in GA, GTM and data layer, Google Analytics Stop tracking my Order Confirmation Page(Only this page)… I thinks i have done some mistakes… please check at let me know what i have to fix…

Here are the thing i have done for ecommerce tracking:

  1. Enabled ecommerce setup on google analytics

  2. Created Account on Google Tag Manager and added code in website… here is code (GTM number hided for privacy)…

  1. Implemented data layer on Order Confirmation Page…

script type=“text/javascript”>
dataLayer = [{‘transactionId’: ‘16468’,‘transactionAffiliation’: ‘Blouse’, ‘transactionTotal’: ‘1800.00’, ‘transactionShipping’: ‘0.00’ , ‘transactionTax’: ‘99.00’,‘transactionProducts’: [
{ ‘name’:'DESCRIPTION: Redefine sensual elegance in this earthy brown round neck blouse. The sparkle at the neckline and the back is added by placing a slim dull copper border. This simple timeless blouse may fast become your go to, multi-occasion blouse.

Body - Textured brown jute brocade
Piping - Brown satin.
Border - Copper

Size 34 ships in 2 days
Sizes 30,32,36,38,40,42 and Custom Size ship in 15 days after the order is placed.
If you pick ‘Custom Size’ option. Please save your measurements in your profile.


SIZE 30 = BUST - 30”, UPPER WAIST - 24”, LENGTH - 14.25”
SIZE 32 = BUST - 32”, UPPER WAIST - 26”, LENGTH - 14.25”
SIZE 34 = BUST - 34”, UPPER WAIST- 28”, LENGTH - 14.25”
SIZE 36 = BUST - 36”, UPPER WAIST - 30”, LENGTH - 14.25”
SIZE 38 = BUST - 38”, UPPER WAIST - 32”, LENGTH - 14.25”
SIZE 40 = BUST - 40”, UPPER WAIST - 34”, LENGTH - 14.25”
SIZE 42 = BUST - 42”, UPPER WAIST - 36”, LENGTH - 14.25”


CARE: Dryclean only
',‘sku’:‘HOB-MR15-U-02’,‘category’:‘Blouse’,‘price’: ‘1800.00’,‘quantity’:‘1’ },

<noscript><iframe src="//"

height=“0” width=“0” style=“display:none;visibility:hidden”>

Note: Here my website url format:
But every time the new product purchased the new varible add in url ex:

  1. I have fired tag on google tag manager and check preview its worked fine…

i have followed all process but google analytics stop tracking my order confirmpage…

Need your guidance on this issue…


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