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Google shows the wrong meta title

Hey everyone,

I have been dealing with an extremely frustrating issue. I have set all meta title + descriptions correctly, updated the sitemap 3 times last week, but still, it shows the default template meta title ‘WATCHES’ when googling my clients’ site ‘Handan Holistic Healing’.

Plus, it never shows the homepage in results, just other pages.

I tried ALL tips mentioned on this forum, but nothing works.

I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out. Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])


clear your cache / cookies or try looking it up in incognito mode in your browser. Looks to be correct from here.

Hi Robin, thank for the quick reply. Unfortunately, none of these are the homepage.

Attached you will see what will show up when I google 'site:
There is Watches stated again in the meta title + the /home-02 is an old one.

(I just made a redirect to the accurate homepage for this last url)

It would help a lot if I could just tell Google to index the correct homepage and show the current meta title.

I would redirect the /home-02 slug to / and that should take care of the issue. As to controlling the SERP snippet, you can’t directly as that is handled by the ALGO. What you can do is make sure your site meta tags and content are current and wait to see how Google responds. Sites that are not busy take longer to reindex. Also remember that Google will potentially change the value of the SERP snippet based on the user’s query, intent, and other factors. That happens without your input.

Thanks for your feedback! It seems to work fine now… yay! I went incognito and googled the site name and finally the homepage showed up first. :slight_smile: