Google Search Console not showing any impression from my site?

I’ve finished this site, connected domain and published os live and created the property in the Google Search console and yet there is no data to display from being live over a week?
Sitemap.xml shows success so am wondering if something is missing to stop the insights connecting?
Any help most appreciated

No way to know why (By read-only link) - this issue related to your console account.

Anyway - check if you add both properties (With www and without www).

Also check verification (Every Search Console property requires at least one verified owner):

By the way - new site (Without PPC campains) sometimes get very minor traffic “in the start”.

Last, set up Google analytics to get more data.

Google Official answer (Related):

When does Search Console data appear?


It can take up to six months to even years before articles are picked up by google. If your website’s name’s appear in incognito search (or use google’s own search console to track!) there’s not much you can do. Other than write what google wants to show their audience :wink:

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Check and make sure your robots.txt or htaccess files are not blocking anything

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Thank you for all your help - @Siton_Systems have done all of those so glad I’m on the right track!