Google removed my top ranked articles from search

Hi everyone,

This is not totally webflow related, but i dont know where else to ask. I am new to forums, and also not native english speaking, so i will try to explain as best as i can.

I have a website in scandinavia that has several articles/pages that are top-ranked (nr 1 or 2) in alot of google-searches for my target group. Quite some time ago google informed me that i had a long page-load on allmost all of my pages (they were regarded as “bad”), but unfortunately i forgot to do something about it (really stupid I know!), until one day five of my absolutely most read articles suddenly was taken down from google search (they were still on google if i googled “site: url”, but not showing up in the related searches at all and absolutely no impressions on search console). I assumed this had to do with the page-load/LCP-problem and fixed all LCP-problems immediately and asked google to index the missing pages again. This did not help, allthough google says all my pages now are good, and i have checked that there is no manual action agains the site. I tried to be patient, but the pages stayed invisible (they are indexed, but there are no impressions at all). So I tried to change the slug/url to see if google would index them again. Did not help. So now I have tried to take the original articles down, resubmit my sitemap, waited until google realized the old urls were not on my page anymore. Then i rewrote two of the articles with slightly different words, pictures and headlines and different slug. They are indexed, but still no impressions at all, this is a week since they were published. Other articles that i have published that are completely new topics rank top 1 in google like 1-2 days after i publish. Seems like google is “holding some sort of grudge” on the other articles, and im really desperate as these articles were my most popular and my income (affiliate) has dropped significantly after they were taken down by google.

Please does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about what i can do to fix the problem? I would be really thankful!

Miriam (Hobby-webpage owner that did not really have any prior knowledge with webpages, SEO etc. but is constantly learning and trying to figure out this project of mine!)