Google rate calculator

Hi everyone!

I have a current issue for a future client Website.
The client only wants a new well designed Website when the new Website also have this Google rate calculator which is currently used: Tarifrechner - Anytime Express Logistik Hamburg

As you can see Google calculates directly the rate for the transport because of the amount of kilometers. This is a very specific brief to be done and Im not sure how or if this is possible on Webflow. I only know “regular” pricing calculations on Webflow.

It would be amazing if someone has a solution or know if this can be done.
Otherwise I have to let go this Client which would be of course very unsatisfying.

Many thanks in advance

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You might already know that you need to integrate Google Maps API for this one.

Just wanted to say that you might not get an easy copy/paste solutions for this. But close reference I can share is from Google’s

You can test it out yourself and customize as your need.