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Google PageInsights Optimization

My google page insights are low and I am not experienced enough to find the issues, can someone help?


you are using often high-resolution images with 3000x5000px. This is makes your page slow.


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I thought webflow automatically resizes the images

Is there any way to resize them all like download all and then upload all?

No auto tool (yet) on webflow (to resize/compress images). Fix only manually.

Webflow resize on small breakpoints (and only images not background images). You should resize images + compress (try tinyjpeg tool).

Read her under “images” section:

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A bit odd that while Webflow creates several images for responsiveness with another service. They suggest using Imgix directly on the post, and that’s a bit of an eye-opener.

As a paying CMS user, I would much more appreciate having Webflow add Imgix themselves inside their app. For the following reasons:

  • Implementing Imgix is not simple
  • Adding Imgix to a Webflow site takes time ( you have to add the Imgix URL to each post)
  • Paying for the CMS and Webflow hosting is supposed to offer a CDN and image responsiveness

@webdev has suggested using Imgix before and has implemented it

Overall, for page speed, which is a critical SEO factor, without having the best-case image service on Webflow and having to pay for another service seems a bit like buying a hotdog and not being given a bun.