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Google Ownership Verification Failed

I’m starting to bite my own head off!

I keep getting Google verification failed after I copy and paste my code for the domain and publish it.

Am i doing something wrong?



@DroneMotion Hi you have to give it some time so the DNS can propegarte the TXT rec

Hi, yes around 24hrs.

Any news on this issue?

I have the same problem and have waited over 24hrs.

Still not working

@DroneMotion Ok, sounds strange. Can you do screen shot of yor DNS txt record showing the setup.
Can you also verify that the identification id generated by Goofle Search Control is the same as you have entered in the DNS TXT record


@DroneMotion What provider are you using= Why do you have both and

Lokks a bit strange to me

Using Crazy Domains. It’s how they told me to set it up for people who don’t want to type in WWW.

@DroneMotion Here is a working setup. This handles both www and without www. You have to setup www as default in Webflow. You do not need both www and without www in the dns.



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@DroneMotion this is an old setup so i assume you will have other IP’s to Webflow

I guess you have and

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It’s worked! Not sure maybe a super delayed reaction but it’s okay now. Thanks for helping out.

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Mine also works!! Thanks for the help =D