Google Optimize install not recognized - Please help!

Hey Community,

Like many times before, I am using Google Analytics for tracking and Google Optimize to run an A/B test.

  • I added the Analytics ID to my projects settings
  • I added the Optimize ID to my project settings
  • I saved my project settings
  • I published my site
  • I do not have any custom code on this site

Here is a screen recording showing all of this:

However, Google Optimize is saying the following:

Does anyone know why Optimize is not being recognized?

Here is my read-only and published website.

Thank you!

Edit: @vincent and @mattvaru any advice? Sorry for the tags, just really stuck :slight_smile:

Hey! No worries. I’m away from my computer right now (and I unfortunately have no experience with Google Optimize), but I’ll check this out as soon as I can.

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@mattvaru Thank you!

Your read-only link is broken. Can you share again?

Edit: Also, which method did you use?

Edit 2: I’m also guessing you tried the troubleshooting steps listed here, correct?

@mattvaru - Sorry about that. While publishing I unpublished and republished which I thinks breaks my previous read-only links. I turned the read-only link back on!

Also, yes I did try all of the troubleshooting tips with no luck :frowning:

Edit - also, I am not sure if this helps, but here is another screen recording showing some of the things I have tried too:

  • Adding the integrations under the projects settings
  • Adding the Optimize + Analytics code snippet to site-wide code
  • Adding Optimize + Analytics code to the individual pages

This is a stretch and I have strong doubts it works, but have you tried disabling Global site tag (gtag.js) and seeing if it works?

I have tried it both ways with no luck womp womp

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This may be out of my wheelhouse in terms of troubleshooting, though I’m sure the lovely folks over at Webflow HQ would actually be of better assistance than I. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

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No worries at all, man - I appreciate you checking it out though! I emailed Webflow earlier and hoping for a reply. Thanks again for taking a look!

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@mattvaru The @webflow support team was able to help like you suggested. It ended up being all my fault and not a bug as I had uBlock Origin installed, which blocks ads but also Optimize’s javascript too :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!

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Great to know for future users, and glad you got it solved! uBlock Origin is very popular so I’m sure other devs / designers / marketers will need to know this.

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I’m having the same issues with my client’s site:

I added the Optimize code to their home page as requested but it is saying it’s not there. They do have a bunch of custom code installed, but I honestly don’t know which is which or if that could be compromising it. I don’t think its uBlock…Any ideas?


Why did you not just enter it into the Integrations section in your project settings?

This way you shouldn’t have any issues with it and it will be placed in the right place on the necessary pages and it will be sitewide too.

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Haha…ultimate facepalm :woman_facepalming:. I’ve been on that page hundreds of times but somehow completely skipped over it! Thanks for that :laughing:

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