Google not indexing, shows disallow: / but Webflow SEO settings seem correct

Hello Webflow Friends,

Google is not indexing my website:


These are my webflow SEO settings:

As you can see “disallow: /” is not shown in SEO settings… not sure why it shows that…

Help appreciated!
Thanks, Piet

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @pjdbruin, is returning a 404 error message for me. Have you recently updated DNS records?

Let me know and I’ll look into this for you!

HI Milan (@mww ), thanks for trying to help out. I am lost. I unpublished to see if that would help me. I did publish but somehow I got the 404 error message… I just republished and now is working again. Something is not right…

Hi @pjdbruin,

It looks like you’re using a reverse proxy - did you set up your DNS records yourself?

@mww I did… What did I do wrong?

All good! It looks like your robots.txt is working now:

@mww Milan, it looks good on the surface but something funky is going on.

These are my SEO settings:

As you can see Indexing of is ENABLED. This should be DISABLED. We want Google to crawl and index, not the or both.

For good order, with the above settings: the result looks like this:

Now look what happens as soon as I change the Webflow SEO settings to what I think they should be:

These settings result in the following:

I’m truly lost… all help appreciated!

Hi @pjdbruin,

Because you’re using the subdomain for your reverse proxy, this is expected behavior.

If you set up a custom subdomain (ex. and use this with your reverse proxy instead, you should then be able to Disable Webflow Subdomain Indexing and use your custom robots.txt.

Hope this helps!

@mww Milan,

It helps certainly! But…we’re getting to the point where I just don’t have enough technical knowledge. Is this something you can help me with? Perhaps zoom call as a first step. Happy to compensate you or support charity of your choice… Best, Piet

Hey @pjdbruin,

Drew here from the Webflow Support Team. I responded to your ticket as well. Would you be able to provide some more information about your Reverse Proxy configuration? I would be happy to assist more.

Are you proxying more than one hosted site to your domain? Or just your Webflow site? Just wondering if it may be better to just use the default Webflow DNS configuration.

Hey @Drew_Schafer and @mww , Your pointers were sufficient for my technical co-founder to be able to figure this out. Thanks for your help. Issue resolved.


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