Google My Maps embed in dynamic page

Hi all,

I am trying to embed “google my maps” in dynamic page (by city name) aiming the “google my maps” change depending on the name of the city.
I created each “my maps” of each city, can I embed it in dynamic page and the map changes by city name?
As you can see the screenshot below, in Edinburgh (Collection item) page (dynamic page), still London map is showing.

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I would recommend using the feature “MAP” from webflow and setting the settings with the desired City on each map!

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Oh thanks a lot for your answer!
Really appreciated it.
I tried with “Map” from webflow but it doesnt change in dynamic page…
So when dynamic page is London, the map shows London map
and when the city changed to Cambridge, the map still shows London map.
So the map is not dynamic.
Do you know how to make it dynamic?

probably some info here, not sure about dynamic maps… but trying to help

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Thanks a lot! :innocent: :innocent:
I will check it now! :smile: