Google MFA just stopped working and locked me out

My Google Authenticator key suddenly stopped working. I’ve been using this app to login from day one without any issues. However, it recently began to deny access, displaying the error message: ‘Invalid two-factor authentication code.’

I have been using Google Authenticator for years across dozens of sites and have never encountered such a significant issue where the site simply stops accepting the code.

I attempted to contact support, only to discover that they offer perhaps the worst customer service I’ve experienced in my 20 years in business. There is no phone support, only email, and it takes them 24 hours to respond - and that’s not just for the first email; every response takes a day. So, after four days, we still haven’t resolved this frustrating bug, which should have been fixed within an hour by any company that values its customers.

The support representative asked me for information that I could only obtain from the account panel, ignoring the fact that I can’t log in to my account. They then sent me a list of verification questions, which I answered to the best of my memory. However, instead of pointing out any specific errors in my responses, they asked me to resend all the answers again, turning it into a horrible quiz. Meanwhile, the inability to access the site admin is causing us a huge damage.

I’m really desperate from their support. Has anyone had success in reaching them by phone, or contacting a senior support representative or their management? This situation is disastrous.