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Google maps in Rich Text not showing map marker

Hello to all,

I am showing a map on every real estate listing on my website. However the map marker is not showing up.

see link

What I did was to have a rich text field in listing collection list. And every time I create a new listing I paste in the share links that i get from Google Maps.

Anyone has had this kind of trouble before. Any help appreciated.

On another note would you have done this differently.


I made an interesting discovery but still don’t know if this can be solved.

If I input an andress in google map and then use the share shortlink in webflow richtext field the marker shows up without any problem.

However if I don’t have an address but need to use the location co-ordinates and then use the Google map share shortlink, the marker don’t show up.

Might be a bug within the rich textfield or is it Google maps?