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Google is not indexing my site

I am having an error with Google recognising my domain

This is when i request Google to index

And this is a live test

The situation is that a dummy site was hosted through wix saying the site is being built. So once the site is complete, I have transferred the domain etc and it works fine. You can access the site through the link

I am honestly baffled, any help would be great

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Did you set your default hosted version to non-www?
Can you check your hosting tab in the project settings?
Set it to www and try again!

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Why is that a thing… I want to cry lmao

Ty so much, its been added to a crawl queue

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Sometimes it’s the overlooked switches that cause the most pain ;D

Have a look at this article for the differences between the two, I couldn’t explain it better :slight_smile:

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