Google Is Not Able To Read My Rich text Format Of the Blog

My website blogs are added in CMS. Now Google Bot is indexing my blogs but when I check the cache in Google and then go to text only view to check what text from the blog Google is rendering, I see that no text is being rendered by Google. Now this issue is happening only in blogs as there is a rich text format added in the blogs. Please help me with how can i solve this issue.

For example, if I open this blog Hotel Upselling Techniques and then add cache: ahead of the URL and then click on the text view I only see the header and fotter of the blog being rendered.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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You have some JS errors that could be interfering, but Iā€™d also check your interactions. For example if the rich text areas are initially 0% opacity, itā€™s possible Google is identifying them as non-indexable content.

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