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Google G Suite integration and organisation privacy login

Hello everyone!
I looked for the answears everywhere, but didn’t found one.
I am intrested in webflow for my organisation (medium firm).
We are using G Suite, I saw that is possible to integrate G Suite with webflow.

I also read about the fact that you can’t host webflow yourself (you can only export and upload it, but you should do it every time you make changes, the store and cms don’t work automatically), so it’s best to leave hosting to webflow and pin your own domain.

It is important for me that my Team, when I enter the pinned domain into the workflow - can log in via my G Suite email.
How can this be done? Is it possible? If not, can you implement it?

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I am extremely interested in this as well. We are building for a client and they want to have the same g-suite integration to login for site access.

Have you found any infoarmtion on this since your post by chance?

Hi! I’m also interested in this topic. Has anyone found any solutions?