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Google Fonts Issue

Hi, this topic was discussed here already several times but I ask again as I could not find a solution.

45% of the file size for my project is the Font (Montserrat) as it loads all weights. How can I just load the 3 weights I need and not the whole font family?

Should I upload it as a custom font, does this solve the problem?

Sorry for warming up this again, any insight would be appreciated very much.

Yes, uploading it as a custom font should help. It was suggested in earlier threads I think. Can you try and report if that solved the problem?

Haha … I have just downloaded the Montserrat Font and if I just keep the 3 weights I need it is the same file size as with the WF standard google font solution. Guess the only way is to reduce the use of different fonts and weights as much as possible.

If I have time I will check how it works with Adobe Fonts.