Google domain connected but website is blank

Hey everybody,

I successfully connected my Webflow site to a custom Google domain I bought through Webflow but everytime I go to my url ( it pulls up a blank page. I know sometimes it takes up to 2 days to publish but this was over 2 days ago, please help.

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - The List]

Hey @Noah_boyle

Make the www version your default in the backend (settings) of webflow.

Google doesn’t recognize the root domain.

This appears to be a flaw with Webflow, and it’s odd because Webflow directly mentions purchasing Google Domains. I too was trying to setup the DNS records for my Google Domain.

@Noah_boyle all you need is the www in the Host name.

This seems to be because Webflow is using a proxy SSL service through Amazon(AWS). I’ve check the IPs and they all go to one of their data centers. So from my understanding Webflow is forcing you to use the subdomain www in order for their proxy SSLs to work. You can’t have your root domain be the Host name because that’s not how CNAME records work, and this CNAME record seems to be the only way to get your SSL.

Is there really no way to explicitly use the root domain without the use of the subdomain www? I’m also confused as to why Google Domains is recommended if Webflow’s process does not integrate properly.

I found this as a possible solution but seems like a failure from Webflow’s hosting: