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Google Content Experiments with Webflow?

We want to begin A/B testing with our site using content experiments via Google Analytics. We seem to be hitting a wall with setup. Has anyone used Google’s Content Experiments within Webflow yet?

Should work :smile: What snag?

Insert google control experiments code in the custom code tab of site settings in the head section. You also need to have your tests setup in google content experiments to run the split tests.


I believe I figured it out. I had to remove the tracking code from the dashboard and add the experiment code + the tracking code to the pages manually. Thanks!

Now I’m currently experiencing an issue where my variant page does not link to other company pages. If I click the about us page is just reloads the variant page again.

Is there a way to add the experiment code to the original page without having to add it to the custom code field in the dashboard?

Hi Randy, you can also try to copy the entire code snippet from google and paste into an html embed into the original page, however, not sure if google will pick this up or not… As far as your issue of the page linking not working, either there is something got set wrong in the nav link, or something need updated at google in the their control panel for setting up the experiment…

If you share the public link to your project, or you can send me a pm, I could take a quick look to see if I can see anything… Sometimes it take a little fiddling about, to get those split tests and experiments working the way you want. Cheerios!

Yeah @cyberdave Google did not pick up on it when I attempted that step last week. Google only scrubs the first 256kb of your site for the experimental code. As for the page linking, when I place the experiment code into the custom code field on the dashboard it added the exp code to every page. That’s when a user will experience the ‘re-looping’ effect.

My only option at this point is to wait for the Webflow dev team to insert the custom head field to the design environment soon. I tried using the script I found on the forum to add the custom head field to Webflow’s API but no luck.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @randyellis and @cyberdave

Has there been a fix for this. I also experienced a relooping effect. My one landing page just kept taking user back to the home page. Is there any way to fix this?

Hi there, is there already a fix for this? It has been over a year now that you have posted this.