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My client has a business looking after their websites analytics etc. They are having trouble with their ‘Click to Call’ tracking showing up in Google Analytics. When there is a click on the phone number it registers on Google Tag Manager but no event is showing up in Google Analytics. They tell me everything else is showing up in GA but it is just this one that isn’t working. Do you have any thoughts why this might be? I have attached an image of the Link I’m talking about but it’s in the main header on each page.

This video might help too:

Hope you can help

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Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts?

I noticed that your link doesn’t have any custom attributes. Have you tried this:

I’ve played around with this code but the SEO people are still having no luck. If you have the time do you think you could watch this 6m screenshare video they’ve put together that gives a good overview and examples of wha is and isn’t happening with tag manager and analytics. It’s probably something really simple that I just don’t understand and hopefully you will!


Sorry to bump this again but I have no idea what is happening here. All links fire in Google Tag Manager but two specifically do not make their way through to Google Analytics. The phone number in the link in the header and the email link on the contact page. Strangely there is no problem with the phone number within the contact page. I can’t see anything different about the links so can’t tell why one works and another doesn’t!?


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Heyyyyy Ross,
Did you ever get to figuring this out ?
I have clients that Im trying to setup CTC tracking as well…

Wow this is probably the oldest thread I’ve come across on here recently :sweat_smile:

@Bradpaulp, happy to help you figure this out. Do you have a link you can share so we can test it? Sometimes this can happen where you have the phone number element sitting inside a different parent element than what has been included in the GTM trigger.

I don’t have a specific site, but I’d love to just add it to all of my clients sites to include in Google Analytics reporting each month.

There’s another website vendor I used to use called Duda, and they have this built in… but it’s just using Analytics as the engine, it perfectly reports click to calls each month though.

Trying to just figure out how to set it up once, and then rinse/repeat everywhere.

  • So far, have not found a straightforward explanation, and one that works!

Have you tried setting up a trigger in Google Tag Manager to send click data to GA?

This is quite a good tutorial on how to do it:

nope but i certainly will try it and report back thank you!

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