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Google Analytics set up with forms

Hey everyone,
I’m having a couple issues with my site and would really appreciate some help.
I am using:

  1. Laptop: 13 inch retina Macbook Pro
  2. Browser: Chrome
  3. Website in question:

So the issue I’m having is with setting up Google Analytics for the forms on my site.
I’m trying to set up event tracking for the forms. 1 for the nav, another for each of the ones in the body on any of the pages.
Here’s the code I’m using as a custom attribute for the nav button one:
Name: clickButton
Value: gaq.push([‘trackEvent’, ‘form’, ‘click’, ‘nav’]);
Is this correct? In GA im using:

  1. Category: form
  2. Action: click
  3. Label: nav
  4. Value equal to: 1
    Would it be better to track it on the success state of the form? Or would you suggest something else? If so, what?

I’ve seen some related posts about this on Webflow but it seems to now be an issue again.

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