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Google analytics / landing page views not seen

this is within the Google Analytics > Reporting > Behaviour > Site content > All pages,
(please neglect, which is not my landing page, and what i wanted to get rid of)

the problem is i can only view the traffic of the whole site (/ ), but my clients would like to know individual landing pages’ traffic. Currently, I have as homepage, and other contents below that homepage as and

what should I do? to see “/ito” & “/fuji” 's page views on Google Analytics?

Looks like it is set up correctly, you just have to be patient.

thanks! it worked!!
but before it worked, i also added the rel=“canonical” to the head tag of the page,
i’m not sure if that also affects the result of finally have page views in GA?


When you say “Landing Pages” traffic, do you mean dedicated Landing Pages for an AdWords or Email Campaign (with UTM codes). Or Landing Pages as defined by Google Analytics, meaning where users (visitors) enter the site? Seems like you have it sorted out, but if you need more help, maybe I can help you. Also, I’m doing a little research on the terminology of what Landing Page means to different people.


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