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Google analytics http to https

Hi there ,
not sure if this is the right place to ask this question so appologies if it offends anyone. just looking for some help.
my old site was and now its

I know that in analytics I can select and track either the http or the https . but ofcourse I have been using the http version of the site for 19 years and have only just changed to the https version of the site (rewrote and redigned it in webflow).
So, Can I track both in analytics
or Should I simple change the analytics to track the new https:// or anyone have any better suggestions ?

I am a complete newbie to analytics by the way so its only been set up recently in the last few weeks anyway. its currently set to track the http url and since I dont know if the http will all be redirected by webflow to the https I dont know if I need to do anything in analytics.

any wise words or instructions to help me would be greatfully received.

thanks everyone.

You can just change it here

Ok thanks very much. I have changed it .
I assume thats the best thing to do since the https: is now the way everything goes to when they look at my site.