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Google analytics 404

I noticed an error on my console (chrome) with:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Does anyone knows why? It seems I am not getting the analytics on google as well.

This is my webflow project:

And this is the live website:

Thanks a lot!

Where are you getting this message? Where have you put your GA code on your site.
It looks like you have 3 different sets of GA code loading.


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Hey Tim!
I have the analytics and optimize on the integrations page and a custom code on the head for the tag manager (which is also in every page in the body).
Thanks for getting back to me!!

Cool. Just to make sure, your tag manager is connected to your google analytics account?
It’s unusual that it would not connect to the server but I can see that it says Error blocked by Client? Have you configured your domain with Google and done a verification test?


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Hey! Yes, it’s all set up already. I just changed domains to webflow server, do you think it could be related somehow?

Thanks again!

It seems my google optimise code changed and I haven’t updated it. Thanks again Tim!

I’m getting a similar issue - My google Tagmanager is not loading.

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