Google Ads only showing on initially active Tab


I am implementing Google ads on the various pages of our digital program, which is set up utilizing the Webflow tab component. Our ads only show up on the initially active tab, but do not show up in the other tabs when you visit them. I see this error in the console, which I think has to do with the inactive tab panes not being displayed initially:

Uncaught TagError: adsbygoogle.push() error: No slot size for availableWidth=0

Any idea how to overcome this?

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Marquee Digital))

Do you mean Google Adsense?

If so you can check their docs, you should be able to find a way to specify exactly what types of ads you want to show where, using an HTML excerpt. This should work even in the hidden tabs ( not auto-placement, but manual-placement ).

If not, you can check the Adsense forums to determine exactly what it needs, some custom CSS may be enough to make its space-detection calcs work properly.

Another option is to replace the tabs element with an interaction, which shows and hides the panes but does not resize them below a certain height/width, to ensure Google ads always sees space available for the ad placement.