Google Ads Dissaproval

Hello everyone,

I set up the pages and implement the google ads as a landing page. I immediately got disapproval. Google Ads representatives said:

"Upon your request, I immediately took a closer look at your Google Ads account “344…” and the ads that are disapproved for destination not working. There I could see that both websites Amazon and Adspert - Make Every Bid Smartly are not available in all countries. Please make sure that the website you would like to promote is available in all countries since this mandatory as per Google policies

Also, I was also able to determine that the robots.txt file is missing on the websites. With the help of this file, our bots are able to crawl your website, otherwise, the bots will see the website as not working."

How can I fix this problem? I’ve already set robot.txt and I don’t know how can I change the countries option. Thank you everyone!

Update: I received a message that a site shows peek resolutions:

For example; my site doesn’t appear in Brasil and Virginia. How can I solve this problem?

hey @Louis_Darques, I know you hate me but I need help for this problem. I cannot make my landing page appears in every country, actually, I have no idea, and support doesn’t work (as always). You are the only one who is willing to help everyone, so I wanted to tag you :smiley:

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