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Good system so far

Out of all the responsive building tools I find that this is the easiest to work with (in terms of creating the site structure). There are a few features, however, that would be good additions:

  1. Ability to add styles to standard tags and IDs. Right now I must have a class on the item I want to style, so I can’t target, say, “header h1” or “#my_nav
  2. Ability to hand edit the html and css.

Item 2 is no easy task - I don’t see how you can allow it without breaking the gui or at least the gui needs to understand what’s happening and deal with the user’s custom code.

Right now I am using it to build out my structure, then I need to export the code for further editing.

I think that was the initial idea…a quick playground to get the site design built, export and then mold to fit your needs. However I think now the focus now is on building more flexibility so that we can purchase hosting plans with fully functional sites. One thing I can say for sure, my webflow sites always load super quick!

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Welcome to the forum @jcamachott! I’m glad you’re loving it so far.

  1. We will be working on targeting these kinds of elements instead of having to adding a class to everything. Notable allowing “.header h1” type of behavior.
  2. As you mentioned this one is hard! We are thinking about ways that you can inject javascript and other code into your html, but for now we are focusing on making the front-end part of web design super fast and easy.

@pingram3541 you can even speed it up by compressing PNG files at :wink: I got my site under 160KB and 500ms :wink:

Yep, I use that site all the time.